Anxiety Herbs: Lemon Balm

Among anxiety herbs, Lemon Balm has been proven to be helpful for many. It is a member of the mint family and its also referred to as the "calming herb".

The leaves of the Lemon Balm plant have a pleasant slight lemon scent and small white flowers also will blossom on the plant late in summer.

Lemon Balm has been considered one of the natural cures for anxiety, sleep difficulty, mood swings, cognitive functions, tension, agitation, memory, and concentration.

How Can Lemon Balm Be Used

Lemon Balm can be used as a tea. But because of its pleasant minty-lemon aroma, it also can be used to flavor different foods such as ice cream.

As a herb preparation, children can take up to 75 mg daily and adults can take anywhere from 100 mg to 600 mg daily

Lemon Balm is also sold as a combination with other herbs for anxiety such as chamomile, rosehips, and Hyperforin.

Does Lemon Balm Have Any Side Affects?

As is the case with many herbs for anxiety, Lemon Balm is very mild and no significant side effects have shown up when they have done clinical trials. But, it's still recommended that you check with your doctor before taking it. Especially if you are taking other anxiety medications, he can advise you if Lemon Balm is right for you.

I sincerely hope this has helped you in your understanding of Lemon Balm. If you would like to read up on other natural options available, click here.

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