What about panic anxiety attacks,
and anxiety panic disorder?

What are panic anxiety attacks? What does it mean to have anxiety panic disorder?

Well, an official diagnosis can only be given by your doctor. However, here we will discuss the basics...

In years past, they used to be called panic attacks. However, in recent years, the term anxiety attack has also been used to describe what anxiety panic disorder causes.

white woman with panic anxiety attack

Anxiety, panic attacks, they are essentially the same thing. But just for the sake of this site, we refer to them as anxiety attacks.

Some people have only had one anxiety attack and then never have one again.

It's only when they are happening regularly to the point of affecting your daily life that you may end up having an anxiety or panic disorder. Only your doctor can determine this.

If you feel you have an anxiety disorder, know you are not alone! There are many people who have them and successfully control their anxiety, and you can too!

And there is no reason to feel embarrassed because the statistics say that about one out of every 4 people has some sort of anxiety disorder.

That means that if you are in a group of 40 people, let's say, around 10 of the people there probably have some sort of anxiety disorder! So, you are definitely not alone.

Many people who have had a panic anxiety attack spend alot of time worrying about the next attack. You may avoid situations that may trigger an attack. Because of that, it may turn into agoraphobia or any other kind of phobia. Click here for different types of phobias


What causes an anxiety attack? Well, there is no one answer to that question. Anxiety attacks can have such a large variety of causes.

You can start out having another anxiety disorder and it can lead to an attack or you can have a panic anxiety attack and it leads to another anxiety disorder.

There are also many other factors involved. Click here for a discussion on different possible causes of anxiety attacks.


Anxiety attacks can be accompanied by physical as well as emotional symptoms, and can be present along with any of the other anxiety disorders discussed on this site.

Physical symptoms, of course, are what your body may feel while having an anxiety attack. Emotional symptoms would be what is going on in your mind while having a panic anxiety attack.

Here is a general list of physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. And here is a list of emotional symptoms of an anxiety attack.


And what are the various treatment options out there for panic anxiety attacks, and anxiety disorder?

Click here for information on treating anxiety disorders and attacks.

It can be extremely difficult dealing with anxiety. I know because I have been dealing with an anxiety disorder since I was 15 years old and I know how hard it can be.

But honestly, the best place to start is being honest with yourself and your symptoms. Taking an anxiety test can give you insight into some of your symptoms, taking the mystery out of how you feel.

Also, I have an entire section devoted to practical suggestions you can put to use right away to alleviate your anxiety symptoms. See the Anxiety Self Help section.

Please remember, though, that I am not a doctor,
I am just a normal guy with anxiety and
I am here just to offer a little help along the way...

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