Anxiety Self Test

Taking a simple anxiety self test can help point you in the right direction in conquering your anxiety. It helps you know how to interpret your symptoms.

You can choose which anxiety self test suits your circumstances. There are also a few anxiety scales included below. These rate your level of anxiety on a numerical scale.

I understand how difficult it can be to have anxiety,
but remember you are not alone.
Lots of people, including me, deal with anxiety every day successfully 
and you can too!

There are several different types of anxiety disorders. Choose the appropriate anxiety test from the list below:

Anxiety Self Tests:

Do you think you may be having panic or anxiety attacks? Take this PANIC/ Anxiety Test

Do you have a general anxious feeling all the time? Take this GENERALIZED Anxiety Disorder Test

Are you suffering emotionally from a previous traumatic experience? Take this POST TRAUMATIC Stress Disorder Test

Do you have obsessive, repetitive behavior that you can't seem to control? Take this OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE Disorder Test

Do you have an irrational panicky fear of social situations? Take this SOCIAL ANXIETY Disorder Test

Do you have an irrational fear of open spaces, crowds, or another possible phobia? Take this AGORAPHOBIA Test (This test also can be used as a guideline for other phobias)

There are also several anxiety scales out there that use a numerical system.  You answer a series of questions and it rates your anxiety level accordingly.  Here is a little information on some of these:

The Hamilton Anxiety Scale 

Zung's Self-Rating Anxiety Scale

The Beck Anxiety Inventory 

The Burns Anxiety Inventory 

The Leibowitz Social Anxiety Scale 

I certainly hope this information proves to be helpful for you.

Try to sit back and objectively look at your symptoms.  

Try to be honest with yourself.

I hope these self tests not only take the mystery out of your anxiety but help you determine what the next step is for you.

Anxiety manifests itself in all kinds of ways. It can affect you physically and mentally. It can give you stomach or sleeping problems or it can show itself in thinking patterns and stress levels. For an exhaustive list of symptoms, click here to find out the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks and also the mental and emotional symptoms of an anxiety attack. 

And if your anxiety is more like a constant anxious feeling all the time, click here for more generalized anxiety disorder symptoms and here is a link for the additional symptoms social anxiety disorder can display. 

One of the biggest aids, however, to controlling anxiety is going to have to come from YOU. Here you will find some personal advice and suggestions for your own anxiety self help. These are things that have helped me personally throughout the years and I hope will help you too.

Please feel free to consult the 
MY ADVICE section for my personal suggestions on anxiety self help. 

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