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There are various options if you would like to take anti anxiety herbs. Many who have used herbs to control their anxiety have had much success. Others have had success taking them along with traditional medicines for anxiety. And still others have found that for anxiety attacks, natural treatments along with Aromatherapy. have been very helpful.

If you are already taking a traditional medicine for anxiety and would like to try taking anti anxiety herbs, you will want to just check with your doctor first to be sure they can be taken together.

One of the most common herbs to take for anxiety is Valerian Root because of its calming effect. But does it have other uses?

Natural anxiety cures: Valerian Root

Another herb that is used is Lemon Balm. Tension and mood swings are a couple of things it is used to treat. Check out this section to get an overview of Lemon Balm and see if it is right for you.

Anxiety herbs: Lemon Balm

It's good to be informed of all your options to help you decide what it is right for you.

And then there is the very popular St. Johns Wort. This one generally works on your mood and nervousness, but also has several other uses.  Check out this section to read a little more about St. Johns Wort.

Vitamins for Anxety: St. Johns Wort.

Another herb sometimes used to treat nervous tension and panic attacks is Passion Flower. It has other uses as well. Check it out here, you might be surprised!

Natural anxiety medications: Passion Flower.

Still another herb that can be used is Ashwagandha. This one is known to help with occasional panic attacks or anxiety and mood swings among other things. Read up on Ashwagandha here:

Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Ashwagandha.

Also, you may consider German Chamomile. This one can be used with anxiety and difficulty sleeping as well as several other things.  If you deal with insomnia along with your anxiety, you may want to read this.

Natural treatment for anxiety: German Chamomile

Another herb that has been found to be helpful is Hops. It works more with difficulty sleeping and nerves.  Again, if you have insomnia, check this one out, too!

Herbal Anti Anxiety: Hops

One herb found to work on mental sharpness and focus as well as fatigue is American Ginseng.  If you have a really hard time concentrating with your anxiety, check out this article.

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety: American Ginseng

Another herb that has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, mental focus and memory is Bacopa.  Check it out!

Anti anxiety herb: Bacopa

Sam-e is also another herb that is quite popular and is many times used for depression and migraines and as a natural cure for anxiety.  So if you get migraines along with your anxiety, you might want to read this.

Natural cures for anxiety: Sam-e

Another herb that can be used if you not only have anxiety but also have depression and insomnia along with it is 5-HTP.  Read about it here:

Natural cure for anxiety: 5-HTP

As you can see, there are a variety of different anti anxiety herbs. If you choose to take the natural route for your anxiety, it is my sincere hope that this information has been helpful to you.

I know how difficult it can be to have an anxiety disorder. But many have had quite a lot of success with these herbs, so check them out...

just maybe you will find one that works for you :-)

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