Anxiety Cures:
How Can Exercise Help With My Anxiety?

No matter how many anxiety cures there are out there, I have found that having a good exercise schedule is essential to reducing my anxiety. It helps in several ways...

#1--When you exercise, it helps to use up some of the nervous energy you accumulate during the day.

#2--It increases the oxygen flow throughout the body which stimulates your nervous system. Then this relieves the tension your body is holding, therefore giving you more of a calm state. Therefore you can deal with stressful situations much more easily when they come up.

#3--Certain hormones are released during exercise (such as endorphins) and these aid in alleviating pain and also gives you that state of well-being that calms you as well.

#4--It gives you more of a positive self image. When you feel good about yourself, (not to mention if you lose some weight in the process), you also alleviate your stress.

#5--It is an excellent distraction from worries and concerns and makes you feel motivated and positive.

To get the benefit from this anxiety cure, you don't have to feel overwhelmed or wear yourself out. Even if you just exercise moderately for 10 minutes a day, you will see an improvement.

It's not hard at all to set aside just 10 minutes. That's a simple walk around the block or just up the road and back!

Or try to choose something you know you enjoy. If you become a member of a group, then you have the added benefit of social interaction and will enjoy it more.

If you prefer to exercise alone, put on some music that you like, music that makes you move. Dance around the house if you have to! I like to lift weights for my daily exercise. There are so many ways to work exercise into your schedule.

Start out small and build up slowly according to your fitness level. If you overdo it you will only get discouraged and stop exercising all-together. So, do what you can do modestly so you can keep up the routine long term.

Making good decisions with regards to exercise will help you to have a more positive outlook and is sure to reduce your anxiety levels.

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