Anxiety Self Help:
How Can Writing and Journaling help with my anxiety?

When trying anxiety self help techniques, journaling or writing down your thoughts and fears can be very beneficial.

Try this writing exercise...

Anxiety disorders are normally not caused by one big problem, they are normally caused by the accumulation of many small, seemingly insignificant distresses that bring on anxiety attacks. You can think of it like you have too many electrical things plugged into one outlet, and it blows a fuse.

Why not try to organize these distresses? Cut out small pieces of paper or get out some index cards for this exercise.

Write out each of your fears and distresses on each piece of paper. Arrange them from the simplest issue to to the most difficult. Then deal with them one by one.

This transfers the fears from the mind to the paper. They no longer are things you fear and avoid, but now they are issues you can SEE with your eyes and actively work on a SOLUTION.

Keep An Anxiety Journal

Keeping an anxiety journal can be a very effective method for anxiety self help.

Write down the date and the event that caused you anxiety. Then write down what you were thinking just before you felt anxiety creeping up.

Rank the anxious event on a scale from 1 to 10. This will help you keep track of the things that cause you more or less anxiety. Again, when it is down on paper, it becomes something you can SEE and RESOLVE.


Many people that have anxiety have found that simply writing things down, stories, thoughts, feelings, poetry, anything is a very helpful distraction from their worries.

And who knows, you may find that it becomes a very enjoyable hobby for you. You might "be a poet and not even know it". Get it? I know, bad joke. But seriously, it may help you a great deal, it's worth a try! It has helped me through some tough times with my anxiety.

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