Generalized Anxiety Disorder Test

Do you think you have Generalized Anxiety?  Take this simple generalized anxiety disorder test to help you analyze your symptoms.

I have this disorder and I can assure you that you are not alone. Many people are able to deal with GAD very successfully.

It's not as bad as it seems!

Remember, only a doctor can really diagnose you with an anxiety disorder. The following generalized anxiety disorder test is only designed to help take some of the mystery out of your symptoms and point you in the right direction... Just to offer a little help along the way...

black men with anxiety

I'm not a doctor, just a regular guy with anxiety. Nonetheless, I hope this test is helpful for you.  Just be honest with yourself and your symptoms and remember, by far, you are not alone!

So, how do you feel?

Do you experience constant worrying that you can't control?

Do you find it hard to sleep because your mind races at night?

Is your constant worrying getting in the way of your everyday life?

Do you find it hard to focus on one thing at a time?

* Do you have an overwhelming "doom cloud" feeling hanging over you and you can't explain why?

Do you have irrational fears about the unknown or the future?

Do you have a general feeling of anxiety and fear all the time for no apparent reason?

Is it difficult for you to stop anxiety because of obsessional thinking, and you find yourself analyzing things over and over again unnecessarily?

Do you have feelings of unreality or depersonalization , feeling that you are detached from reality, inside a fish bowl or "outside of yourself"?

Do these feelings of unreality happen often, and you feel disconnected from your surroundings?

If you feel this basic generalized anxiety disorder test has described you, don't feel discouraged. You may think you are losing your mind, but just remember feelings are only feelings, they don't have to define who you are!

There are many people who successfully deal with anxiety all the time and get it under control. They have done it and you can too!!

Since I have generalized anxiety disorder too, I understand what you are going through.

I know it can be a daily struggle sometimes, but you CAN learn to control it without letting it control you!There are so many things you can do to calm your anxiety such as writing exercises, breathing techniques and even anti-anxiety herbs... Take a look at the link below..

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