Get Off the Treadmill of Obsessional Thinking

How do you stop anxiety at the start and prevent it from becoming obsessive thinking?..

Am I correct in saying that obsessional thinking is EXHAUSTING? It's like being on a treadmill that's on high speed and you just can't seem to get off.

Once the thought or worry is in your head
it just wants to stay there!

Such behavior is closely related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. However, one of the marked differences is that OCD generally displays itself in actions whereas obsessive thinking is limited to your thoughts.

In either case, they both start with thoughts and so the suggestions mentioned below may serve in varying degrees in both cases:

*1. FACE YOUR THOUGHTS - What is it that you are obsessing so much about? Is it worry about the future, money, sickness, even death? Don't be afraid to look it dead in the eye. Once you have identified it then...

*2. PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE - Ask yourself honestly "What good am I really accomplishing running this through my mind over, and over, and over again? Has it changed anything? Will it really change anything? And even if it does change something... is it really, really worth all the mental anguish it is causing me?" In most cases probably not.

*3. BIG BLACK "X" - If your obsessive, negative thoughts keep pestering you then each time they start flowing in put up a BIG BLACK "X" in your mind. That "X" means NO! Mentally tell yourself "NO! I am not getting on that treadmill today!!!"

If you try and try and this still doesn't work to stop anxiety, try this strategy...

*4. LET THEM FLOW - Remember they are just thoughts and you don't have to jump on every one of them and wrestle it down. Let them come in and go out, like air. With time they will truly become passing thoughts that are not bothersome at all.

*5. KEEP PRACTICING - breaking such a habit will take time but don't give up. It may be frustrating to change your thinking, but isn't it true that anything we really want we will fight for. So keep fighting, you WILL win!!

If you are having trouble bringing your thoughts under control and especially if you feel impelled to act on obsessive suicidal thoughts seek the help of a medical professional IMMEDIATELY. A pattern of such thoughts should be taken seriously.

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