Herbal Remedies For Anxiety:
American Ginseng

Among the many herbal remedies for anxiety, American Ginseng has been proven to be helpful.

American Ginseng is also referred to as Panax. This plant grows in the Northern Hemisphere in eastern Asia and North America particularly the Appalachian areas. The plant prefers cooler climates.

This herb has been used throughout the years for various things such as memory, mental sharpness and focus, mental and physical fatigue, immune system, and overactive behavior. This has been proven by clinical studies.

It is very similar to Asian Ginseng because it has adaptogenic properties. This just means that this agent naturally boosts resistance to physical and emotional stress in the body.

It has been proven that American Ginseng effects neurotransmitters and boosts anti-stress activity in the brain.

How To Take American Ginseng

It can be taken in several forms. You can actually consume the root form, drink it as a tea or take it as a powder or supplement.

The normal daily dosage is pretty broad. It can be anywhere from 50mg to 1000mg daily.

Does American Ginseng have any side effects?

When used in moderation, this natural anxiety cure is very safe and isn't known to have any significant interactions with anything.

But do take this herb in moderation, you shouldn't overdo it. Start out with a small amount and work up if you need to.

You should never use an excessive amount because large amounts taken long-term have been shown to cause problems in blood pressure, nervousness, headaches, hypertension and sleeplessness.

I hope this helps you in your understanding of American Ginseng. There are several other options for herbal remedies for anxiety, please click here for a list of other herbs that are helpful.

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