Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder Test (PTSD)

Here you will find a simple post traumatic stress disorder test to at least point you in the right direction. Do you think you may have PTSD?commonly misspelled: posttraumatic stress disorder).  You can rest assured that you are not alone.  There are so many disasters going on and so much crime these days that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is on the rise! 

If you do have PTSD, you are not alone. Many people have had PTSD at one point in their life, and you CAN cope successfully with it.

Please remember that I am not a doctor, I am just a regular guy with an anxiety disorder. Only a doctor is qualified to diagnose PTSD. However, this test may be of some help to you.

Some people have PTSD for only a short time, and others may have to deal with it for years. Please don´t feel discouraged. If you are having difficulty from a traumatic event, know you are not alone.

With so many earthquakes, hurricanes, violence, and war that goes on in the world, there are many that deal with this.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Test

*Have you had a previous traumatic experience that causes you severe anxiety? (These would include things like: war, rape, kidnapping, earthquake, hurricane, flooding, etc.)?

*Do you have persistent flashbacks or nightmares from the experience that leave you frightened?

*When you relive it, do you shake, tremble, sweat profusely, have panic anxiety attacks, dry mouth or stomach pains?

*When this happens, do you feel frightened and panicky, have a "floating", depersonalization sensation and feel separated from reality?

*During these episodes, do you have difficulty breathing or lose awareness of your surroundings?

*Is it also causing you to feel emotionally numb or easily startled?

*Are these episodes causing you to lay awake at night, dreading that you will have another nightmare about the event?

*Are the flashbacks causing you to lose interest in things you used to enjoy?

*When the anniversary date of the traumatic event comes around, are your symptoms especially worse?

*When the episodes occur, does it feel like you are experiencing the smells, feelings, and sounds associated with the event, re-living it all over again?

If you feel that these symptoms describe you, you may want to seek out a doctor. Keep your chin up, you are not alone!

We live in a scary world and traumatic events are happening more and more everyday.
It would be unreasonable to think it wouldn't affect us.

Please remember that what may be a traumatic event for you may be handled differently by the next person. We all have a different emotional makeup and cannot compare ourselves to others.

Also, please know that is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, there are many who have had to deal with this. Taking this post traumatic stress disorder test will at least point you in the right direction.

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Practical advice for post traumatic stress disorder.
I truly hope these suggestions can offer some relief!

Please feel free to consult the 
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