Are You Constantly Re-living the Past?

You might find it suprising to know that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is VERY common. Recent studies show that anything from war, rape, and natural disasters to car accidents or medical surgeries can cause PTSD.

In any event having symptoms of PTSD are very, very normal considering the fact that such events tend to be life-altering. Not sure if you have PTSD?

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Remember it takes time to
heal emotional wounds so be patient,
and don't give up!!

Here is some practical advice to help you overcome PTSD and move on with your life

*1. Allow yourself to grieve over the traumatic event. Cry if you need to. Crying is a natural emotional response to pain and can serve to relieve you of the build-up of such painful anxiety.

*2. Remind yourself that each person will recover at a different rate as each person has a different emotional make-up. Don't compare your recovery to others!

*3. If possible, try to put the event in perspective. It IS possible to get through it. It is now in the past and will remain in the past. Focus on here and now and the future!

*4. Resist the temptation to isolate yourself. Talk with others who are sympathetic to your situation and whom you know to be understanding. Talking things out is another way recover from the tragedy.

*5. Don't blame yourself - remember that in a world with so much uncertainty, unforseen events can happen to any of us at any given time.

*6. What if you have feelings of guilt? While guilt is a healthy response if we are the cause of a tragedy. Extended periods of grief are unhealthy. Learn to forgive yourself, tell yourself that you make mistakes like everyone else. Nobody is perfect.

*7. Make a concerted effort to replace thoughts of the traumatic event with positive goal-oriented thoughts. Put your goals down on paper and work to achieve them. Can you put your mental energies into a new enjoyable hobby? Try drawing, painting, or even journaling (click here for more suggestions on journaling)

If symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder persist you may want to consult with your physician who may be able to recommend a traditional anti-anxiety medication to help get you to where you need to be.

Whatever you do, don't let the traumatic event swallow you up. Don't let it define you! You CAN overcome it!

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