Agoraphobia Test

I created this page mainly to focus on an agoraphobia test, but it will also give you a guideline when dealing with other phobias.

The reason I chose agoraphobia
is because out of all the phobias
you can have connected with anxiety, 
agoraphobia is by far the most common.

There are many different types of phobias from fearing spiders or snakes to fearing closed-in spaces. You can pretty much have a phobia of anything. But they are a lot more common than you may think!

So, don't feel bad, you are not alone!

This IS a test for agoraphobia, but keep in mind that many of the principles here apply to any type of phobia, especially when it has to do with HOW you react to the phobia.

Simple Agoraphobia Test

* Do you have a fear being in wide open spaces such as simply going outside your home?

* Do you fear open spaces to the point that possibly you have become 'housebound'?

* Or do you have another 'safe zone' that you escape to?

* Do you fear getting stuck in a line at the store or bank?

* Do you fear getting stuck on a bridge and not being able to escape?

* Do you fear being in a crowded area to the point you do whatever it takes to avoid it, even taking an enormous detour?

* Do you dread having a panic attack in these situations?
(Take a panic anxiety attack test here) 

* Is your worst fear not being able to escape from the situation, it has you feeling like you may lose your mind?

* Do you know logically that this fear is irrational, but you can't seem to stop thinking about it? (How do I stop anxiety due to obsessive thinking?) 

* Are these fears so paralyzing that you have chest pains, nausea, dizziness, hot or cold flashes, or feelings of unreality or depersonalization ?

* If you do not fear open or public places, is there another fear that is causing you to have similar symptoms?

If after taking the above agoraphobia test you think you may have agoraphobia, you are not alone.

We are under stress every day and it is impossible not to be affected by it to some degree. Emotionally, we just all respond differently, that's all.

Did You Know?

Agoraphobia can be linked to other types of anxiety disorders.

* For example if the phobia is caused by a traumatic event,
it is linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

* If you are not afraid of open spaces but are afraid of social situations, it is closely linked to Social Anxiety. (Social Anxiety Disorder Help)

I know it is frustrating, but please know that you CAN learn to overcome your fears with the right treatment.  

Don't give up!

Please feel free to consult the 
MY ADVICE section for my personal suggestions on anxiety self help. 

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