Breathing Technique for Panic Attack

What is an effective breathing technique for panic attacks? Try the technique below to see if it helps you.

First of all, are you sure you had a panic attack? Click here for a panic attack self test. Now, be sure to clear your head of any negative feelings, and clear out all those anticipatory anxiety thoughts...

This is YOUR time, use it to relax!!

Controlling your breathing is so important!
Many times during a stressful situation, we either breath very rapidly or we stop breathing, causing more anxiety either way. This may feel weird at first, but practice regularly to get in the habit, and then it will become natural.

This can be done if you are sitting up, but it is much more effective if you are lying down.

Lie down in a quiet atmosphere. Close your eyes, inhale, and be sure to breathe from your diaphragm since breathing from your upper chest increases your risk of hyperventilating.

How do you know you are breathing from your diaphragm?
While you are still standing up, place one hand above your waist and the other in the middle of your chest. Breath, and notice which hand moves more. If it is the one on your chest, you are doing it wrong and need to practice breathing from your diaphragm.

Try to draw out your first breath for 4 seconds, your second breath for 5 seconds, your next breath for 6 seconds, then for 7 seconds.

Once you have it down pat, while breathing, think about relaxing specific areas of the body. First start with the head and neck, really focus on completely relaxing the muscles. Then move on to your chest, then your arms, stomach, legs, feet, etc.

Allow everything to go completely limp in your body, and you will find that after a few minutes you should feel your body relaxing.

Try practicing this technique at least a couple times a day, even when you are not anxious, and you will see a big difference.(Taken from Awake! magazine)

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