Attacking Anxiety and DEPRESSION

How do you go about attacking anxiety and depression? Well, first of all, many negative things are happening all around us. Surely this from time to time produces negative feelings and attitudes in all of us.

However, if overwhelming negative feelings last most of the day, nearly everyday, for at least two weeks this could be a sign of major depression.

If you feel you have such symptoms it is always wise to seek the help of a qualified medical physician.

I have included this section because generally speaking if you have dealt with anxiety for an extended period of time you are more susceptible to negative feelings and depression.

Why? Because along with such anxiety can come frustration, lack of motivation, loss of self esteem, even guilt over not being able to rid yourself of such feelings.

Attacking Anxiety and Depression at its Core-
How To Combat Negative Feelings:

*1. RECOGNIZE faulty, negative thinking patterns (Ex. How often do you find yourself saying to yourself "No one really loves me" or "Why me?")

*2. Write down on a sticky note 10 positive thoughts about yourself, stick it on your refrigerator, and read them aloud to yourself EVERYDAY when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed.

(Ex. I am here for a reason and yes I AM loved; I love MYSELF and what I am becoming; I am in control of my feelings and I will continue to work hard at focusing on the positive.) If you have to write these notes on a card and carry them with you throughout the day, do so!

Click here for another writing exercise and the benefits of journaling

*3. LET GO OF INAPPROPRIATE GUILT. Learn to forgive yourself for errors. Why? Because we all make them. If you have done all you reasonably can to correct the situation then LET IT GO. Stop dragging it up.

Everytime it comes up in your mind be quick to tell yourself "I'm not going down that road today, I am through with this guilt."

*4. Talk with a trusted friend. Talking things out is a natural method in attacking anxiety and depression directly. This helps to us to unburden ourselves and not carry the load alone. We were meant to communicate.

*5. Get out and do something, do some exercise, take control, don't drown yourself in negativity. Do you have a hobby you used to like (drawing, singing, dancing)? Start it up again and distract yourself from those unhealthy negative thoughts.

If you follow the above suggestions
you should gradually see some positive changes in your thinking but,
you must not give up!

Think about how long you have been talking negatively to yourself, maybe as long as you can remember.

It will take TIME to retrain your thinking. But it is well worth it, wouldn't you agree, to finally feel good about yourself again??? If you feel you need extra help in controling negative feelings a mild anti-depressant may get you where you need to be...

There are also plenty of herbs that help to promote good mood and reduce anxiety. Whatever you do, remember that you CAN overcome your negative feelings, don't give up!!

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