Do You Display General Signs of Anxiety?

Having signs of anxiety is like the common cold, at some point in life we all will be affected by it to varying degrees. Why can we be assured of that? Because stress is a part of life.

If, however, your symptoms of anxiety persist then you are likely to develop GAD and should address the underlying cause of such symptoms.

Common signs of anxiety and practical suggestions to help:

*1. Anxiety is feeling tension produced by thoughts. Who controls your thoughts? YOU DO!

Remind yourself that stress is a part of everyone's life but you, and only you can control how YOU respond.

Start by setting a goal today of viewing the anxiety you have each day as.....

A challenge that you are
learning to master
and not as a problem
that can never be overcome.

*2. RACING THOUGHTS - If you are plagued by racing thoughts or worry all the time try to see your thoughts as simply that, just thougths. Thoughts can be viewed like the air we breath, it comes in and goes out.

In other words, as easily as thoughts fill your mind,
let them leave your mind.
There is no need to chase down
every thought, concern, or worry.

It will take time to develop this habit. But, if you must analyze, analyze how many positive thoughts you can repeat to yourself each day (ex. "I am strong and in control" or "Life is GOOD").

*3. IRRATIONAL FEARS - If you have a phobia or are concerned over irrational fears like dying, becoming chronically ill, or even the end of the world...STOP!!! Yes STOP!!! Why? Think about it, you are worrying about things that are way beyond your control. And what can you really do about it???

*4. FEELINGS OF UNREALITY - This is one of the most common signs of anxiety! If you have feelings of unreality, called depersonalization and derealization, do your absolute best NOT to think about it. Why? That will only intesify the sensation. Remember, it is just a side affect of anxiety and will not hurt you.

*5. INSOMNIA There are many possible causes for sleeplessness. For some it has more to do with diet such as too much sugar and caffeine especially before bed.

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Or could it be that your body naturally produces a lot of adrenaline?

If such is your case, you might try doing some mild exercise just before bed to burn off some of the energy.

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If this doesn't work, you could trying doing some light reading just before bed as reading tends to induce sleep in many. And one other suggestion would be to drink a calming tea.

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Be assured, in any case, that when your body needs more sleep it will let you know and you will have no other option but to sleep.

If while applying the above advice you need help in getting over the hurdles a mild traditional anti-anxiety medication may be just what you need to get you there.

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