Social Anxiety Disorder Test:
Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale

Taking a social anxiety disorder test is an excellent first step to helping you understand your symptoms and interpret your feelings.  This one, developed by Michael Liebowitz in 1987 has proven to be very effective.  He is a psychiatrist and researcher at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.  

The test is really thorough.  The first part asks how anxious you feel in the situation and the second asks how much you have a tendency to avoid it.  If you come across a question of a situation you have never faced, you need to use your imagination as to how you might feel.  

When it comes to social anxiety, the 

feelings can be pretty scary.  And remember, social anxiety is not the same as shyness.  Social anxiety is much more severe and causes physical reactions in the person.  A person with social anxiety has a constant fear of being judged by others and it makes you terrified to be in even simple social situations.

Doctors normally have to look at many factors, but the Liebowitz scale is the most widely used of all of the social anxiety tests out there.  The self-test version looks at your "fear" of the situation and then how much you "avoid" it.  But there is another version of the test that only a doctor can administer and that one rates your symptoms in other categories like: fear and avoidance of social interaction, and fear and avoidance of performance.  

Doctors can also give you a social anxiety disorder test to see if you have a general or specific subtype of social anxiety.  A general subtype means that mostly all social situations cause that terrified feeling.  A specific subtype means that mainly a particular situation causes you that extreme fear, and that goes into being a phobia.  One very common example of this is a fear of public speaking (glossophobia).  But there are many other types of phobias as well.

But please don't get discouraged!  It's frustrating, but please be assured you can work through it.  There are many things you can do to calm your social anxiety.  For example, you can try a breathing technique for panic attacks or if you if you think you may have Agoraphobia (anxiety, fear) check out this section.  

But most definitely taking a social anxiety disorder test will help take some of the mystery out of it. 

You can take the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale online for free. The self-reporting version of the test can be found here.

I truly wish you the best on the road to recovery.  Don't give up, you can do this!!!!!

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