How To Control Anxiety Fear?

Anxiety Fear is the perfect terminology for Agoraphobia. Why? Agoraphobia literally is a fear of fear itself. That means that a person becomes so afraid of feelings of fear and having an anxiety attack that he avoids any places or circumstances that causes them. There are also many other types of phobias, but we will just focus on Agoraphobia on this page.

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But, lift your chin up!
Here is some practical advice on how to overcome Agoraphobia.

*1. YOUR ARE NOT ALONE - Recognize that you are not alone, however alone you may feel. Many struggle everyday to speak publicly, drive, cross bridges, go through tunnels, even fly.

*2. IDENTIFY YOUR ANXIETY FEAR - What is it that causes you so much fear? Start by writing it down on a piece of paper. Then beside it write down how you WANT to feel about it.

Practice telling yourself how you WANT to feel each day, several times a day. This method helps you to begin to visualize yourself overcoming you fear.

*3. EXPOSE YOURSELF - When ready, expose yourself to your fear in minimal doses (Ex. If driving is your fear, try driving a very short distance in very safe surroundings. What if flying is your fear? That was a fear of mine. Be like NIKE and just do it, gradually). Which brings me to the next point...

*4. EXPERIENCE THE FEAR - As you expose yourself to your fear you will learn to recognize symptoms and how to manage them successfully.

*5. ASSUME THE BEST - You have to stop cutting your legs out from under you, always assuming the worst. Tell yourself that you can do it and believe it! Practice it with me: "I CAN DO IT"!

If you keep telling yourself that you WILL eventually begin to believe it. (Is't that how we build self-esteem, telling ourselves that we CAN). So stop saying you can't because you really CAN.

It is always best to consult with a doctor before exposing yourself to such fears as there may be added risk if you have heart problems and the like.

Along with this exposure you may try to have on hand some doctor-prescribed anxiety meds or any of the herbal anti anxiety options available. And if you do have an anxiety attack while trying to get through this, don't let that set you back, you CAN do this!! Here are some suggestions on how to ride out an anxiety attack. So, don't give up, be like the tortoise and little by little you will get to your destination: FREE from anxiety fear!

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