What Are The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks?

There can be a broad range with regards to physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. And all of the following anxiety attack symptoms don't have to be present for it to be an anxiety attack.

It can be very frustrating living with an anxiety disorder and the worst thing is not knowing what it is.

But, I speak from experience, don't worry, you CAN learn to get your anxiety under control!

So, getting to the point, how do we identify an anxiety attack?

The general physical symptoms of anxiety attacks are:

* A "rush" comes over you very quickly, a rush of adrenaline for no reason

* Your heart starts pounding rapidly, you may feel you're having a heart attack

* You break out in a sweat or feel chilled

* Your forehead, palms, or any part of your body sweats profusely

* Your mouth may feel like its full of cotton

* You may feel an intense heat rise up through your legs, arms, or in your chest

* You may tremble or shake

* You may hyperventilate, or have shortness of breath

* You feel faint or dizzy

* Your hands may tingle or feel numb

* You may have a smothering or choking sensation

* Nausea, upset stomach or constipation

* Most attacks only last a couple of minutes, sometimes up to 10 or 15 minutes. In rare cases they can last an hour or more.

If these above symptoms describe your experience, take heart! There are so many treatments, anxiety-reducing techniques, herbs and medicines available so that you can learn to get your anxiety under control.

It's definitely not the end of the world, the key is just trying to find a technique, herb or medicine that works for you. Don't give up, you CAN learn to get your anxiety under control!

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