What Are The Emotional Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack?

The emotional symptoms of an anxiety attack vary from person to person as we are all individuals.

Please remember if you do indeed have anxiety attacks, it is not the end of the world, I have had them too, and you CAN get them under control.

Some common anxiety attack symptoms include:

* You feel like you are going to black out

* You feel overwhelmed, as if you will lose your mind or lose control

* You feel an overwhelming sense of doom

* You know in your mind that there is no real reason for feeling this way but you cant seem to shake it

* You can be minding your own business, and it´s as if a switch flips and you are in emergency, red alert mode!

* You are afraid you are going to die

* You feel the world is coming to an end

* You feel the need to escape at all costs

* You have obsessive "what if..." thoughts, what if I die, lose my mind, etc.

* If they keep on happening, you want to isolate yourself, may even feel suicidal

* You feel like things are unreal, like you are detaching from reality or feel mentally foggy

And after a panic attack...

* The rush departs as quickly as it came

* You feel completely emotionally drained

* You feel possibly embarassed if it happened in a public place

* You rack your brain trying to find the cause of the horrible sensation

* And with the worst fear, you dread that it will return

If the above symptoms describe you, take heart! Here is a breathing technique that may be helpful for you. The most important thing is to identify what you have, then you can work on getting it under control.

There are so many types of treatments, herbs, medicines, and relaxation techniques that you can try, so don't give up!! I sincerely hope you can find some helpful information in the "My Advice" section that has helped me and others to get their anxiety under control.

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