Overcoming Panic Attacks:
Anxiety Calming Skills

In overcoming panic attacks, we have to learn methods to calm our nerves. When the nerves are calm, we can think straight and tackle the issues. When the nerves are calm, we can think straight and tackle the issues.

One thing I suggest is to take out time for yourself every day. Take 20 to 30 minutes a day if possible and dedicate it to something you enjoy.

Do you like to read books, listen to jazz, play the violin? These things can be very restorative and decrease anxiety.

Control Your Schedule

If you have a hectic schedule, try to simplify it and trim it down. If you work 9 to 5, keep it 9 to 5, leave work at work, try not to think about it while you are at home or elsewhere.

If you have other aspects of your schedule that are hectic, can you reduce the time you spend with these activities? Or is it possible to omit them altogether?

You may think, "It's not that simple". But your life is as simple or as complicated as you make it. And isn't it worth making a few adjustments if you will feel better emotionally?

The more things we pile on, the heavier we become, the more difficult it is to carry and we will wear ourselves out emotionally. Simplifying our life can be very helpful.

Calm Thinking

You may have catastrophic, obsessional thoughts like: What if I die? What if I collapse? What if I'm alone and have a heart attack?

These thoughts will only fuel your panic. Because these thoughts are based on a past experience or a future fear, try focusing only on the present. Right here, right now, how are you, you are probably just fine. This will instantly calm you. Thinking in the present is one of the most effective methods in overcoming panic attacks.

Some therapists suggest a very interesting method to overcoming panic attacks: Wear a rubber band around your wrist. When panicky, catastrophic thoughts enter your mind, snap it and remind yourself, "Stop it! Focus on the present. I am fine".

This will interrupt the catastrophic thoughts, it will apply the brakes to your negative thoughts --you are in control!.

Calm During Panic

Remember with a panic attack, they are only feelings and they will not harm you. One magazine suggests: Think of it like ocean waves, they come, they rise and they dissipate.

Instead of fighting the wave, ride it out. It WILL pass. When it's over, don't analyze it or overreact. It's over, like a headache or a sneezing spell. Move on.

One doctor suggests to imagine that panic is like a bully.
Don't provoke him because he will attack.
Ignore him and he may go away.
Calming skills aren't so you can fight and wrestle with the panic attack, they help you ignore the bully trying to pick a fight with you.

Just ignore him, pass the time while that bully tries to pick the fight with you, employ your calming skills and the bully will go away. (This information taken from Awake! magazine)

It may be difficult, but don't give up, you CAN do it!

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