What Are The Different Causes of Anxiety Attacks?

That is a really loaded question because the causes of anxiety attacks vary so much.

First of all, anxiety attacks affect far more women than men, and experts say that they usually begin in young adulthood.

There is no one-size-fits-all because we are all individuals, but here are a few possibilities...

So, what are the causes of
anxiety attacks???

* 1-- Some have said that it can be caused by an abnormality in the brain's limbic system. Many feel that this can be an inherited abnormality, while others feel that stress may alter the brain's chemistry.

* 2-- Other causes of anxiety attacks could be if you experienced a traumatic event such as war, rape, child abuse, neglect, incest, the death of a loved one, etc. In this case the panic attacks would be closely linked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .

* 3-- Still another cause can be if you tend to be a perfectionist or have low self-esteem. You also may be a pessimistic thinker, only focusing on the negative.

For example, when you meet new people, instead of feeling that they want to get to know you as a friend, you assume they are judging you. This is a definite obstacle to overcoming panic attacks .

* 4-- Several other causes of anxiety attacks could be lack of sufficient exercise or a diet high in caffeine and sugar. These factors have definitely been known to increase anxiety. Click here for an article on how exercise is the most effective anxiety cures out there .

* 5-- Still another cause could be just everyday stress. We have anxiety every day, but you may allow it to mound. For example, you tend to worry about the past, "the could-have done, should-have done" mentality. Then, you add onto that today's anxiety. Then, on top of that you add on worrying about tomorrow and your future. As you can imagine, after awhile, it becomes an un-bearable burden and may spark anxiety attacks.Click here for an article on how to stop anxiety and obsessional thinking .

* 6-- Studies have found that the production and the function of seratonin in the body can be abnormal. Your body may not produce quite as much or it may not be using it in the correct way. Seratonin is responsible for an overall good mood, makes us calm and collect. And if that complex system is not working correctly (your body is not absorbing the seratonin) then you have an overabundance of anxiety. This is why many with anxiety attacks respond well to SSRI's(Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors).

These are only a few of the basic causes of anxiety attacks. Our brains are so complex that it is impossible to comprehend through and through.

But I do hope this has helped at least a little bit. If you are able to identify with any of the above scenarios, that's a good sign! Recognizing it is the most important thing. Only when we recognize what is at the root of our anxiety is when we can start to reconstruct our thinking, really attacking anxiety and depression, getting negative feelings under control or getting medication and therapy if necessary.

I hope you are able to find some practical information on this site that can help you work through your anxiety.

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