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Tips For Panic Attacks...

So, you are here because you think you had a panic attack. Don't lose heart, I have personally been there and I would like to offer some practical help.

Not sure if it was a panic attack?

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If you feel an attack is on the horizon take the following steps:

**1. Start by trying to "just relax". I know it sounds cliche-ish but that is the first step. Say those words to yourself several times as the attack is approaching.

Tell yourself that YOU are in control and that there is no need to over-analyze it. Tell yourself it will pass and that it is just anxiety, nothing more than feelings.

**2. Imagine the attack as a wave of the ocean that is heading for shore. It may appear large at a distance but as it heads for you it loses momentum. Why? Because you are in control.


**1. Remember to BREATH, nice deep breaths. (click on this breathing technique) If you are like me you probably "brace yourself for impact" as you anticipate what you will feel next during the attack.

This can lead to hyperventilation. But instead of tensing up, relax and BREATH. Your brain, especially now, needs more oxygen to function to lessen the symptoms of the attack...just breath.

**2. As you are riding out the attack (like a wave) imagine that you are ON TOP of the wave, fully in control. Rather than let the feelings overwhelm you, ride them out, let them pass. They always pass!!


**1. DON'T OVERANALYZE IT, don't pick it apart, it's gone, just like a wave of the sea.

**2. Try to get some rest if at all possible. Surely you are emotionally worn out afterwards.

**3. Once refreshed, take a few minutes and try to identify what may have lead up to the attack if you feel it is necessary (ex. overwork, stress at home, sickness). Put it down on paper, so it is something you can SEE and RESOLVE. Then, do what you can to remedy the situation that lead up to the attack...if at all possible. But, if you find you can just let it go then by all means "let bygones by bygones." The attack is gone, no need to needlessly dwell.

I hope the above mentioned tips for panic attacks will help you gain more control. Why not trying practicing such techniques even before an attack, then you will be better prepared.

If it takes a while to get control of the attacks you might be interested in some natural herbs for anxiety or a minimal dose of traditional anti-anxiety medication may help get you to where you need to be.

Here are some additional techniques to help you through a panic attack.

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