What NOT To Do If You Have Anxiety

If you want to get over your anxiety there are certain "anxiety nos" that you must AVOID like the plague as they will only slow down your progress.

"Anxiety No's":

*1. Don't compare your progress with others - we are all different and progress at different rates.

*2. Don't undermine your own efforts - commend and praise yourself as often as possible for even the smallest achievement in recovering.

*3. Don't take everything so seriously - learn to relax and breath, learn to laugh (even at yourself), life was meant to be ENJOYED!

*4. Don't expect perfection - it is very common to "relapse" into old negative thinking patterns. Once you realize it, just start again and you will eventually get it.

*5. Don't over-do it - recognize when you are reaching your limit and then be modest and STOP. It's not worth the added anxiety.

*6. Don't isolate yourself - isolation causes you to stay stuck in your own world of anxiety and even depression, even if you have a social phobia. You MUST get out and enjoy the company of others.

*7. Don't settle for lowsy friends - some friends can prove to be our enemies while trying to recover. Seek out friends that are kind and understanding to help you recover.

*8. Don't over-react - remember that thoughts are just thoughts so don't make them any more than that. Remember that you are in control of your own thoughts AND how you respond to them.

*9. Don't be sedentary - take time to exercise each day if possible. This will help rid your body of excess adrenaline and increase your overall self-esteem.

*10. Don't overindugle - watch your intake of refined sugers, and especially caffeine as such foods generally increase symptoms of anxiety. (advice on what NOT to eat if you have anxiety)

*11. Don't self-medicate - avoid illegal drug use and alcohol as a means to dull anxiety. Why? Once the "buzz" has worn off your problems will still be there.

*12. DON'T WAIT - start today in changing your thoughts. You are in control and are taking the first step in stopping your anxiety.

*13. DON'T GIVE UP - you are important, special, and worth fighting for. Don't give up on yourself!!! You CAN do it!!!!

Avoiding the above has greatly helped me and I am confident will help you as well. Remember it takes time to develop good, healthy habits but, you CAN and you WILL!!

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